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TPMS Tool, 5 Year Updates Included


The TP47 TPMS Service Tool is a tire pressure monitoring systems tool that allows you to activate, read, diagnose, and service all major OEM and aftermarket sensor brands. The wider compatibility of the TP47 will make your work smarter, servicing all of your customers with just one device. With this product, technicians will get the reliable data needed to serve their clients better, such as sensor ID, pressure, temperature, battery status, and more.


  • Triggers, Diagnoses, and Reads 100% of TPMS Vehicle Sensors 
  • Programs Over 20 Aftermarket Sensor Brands
  • Creates ID, Copy By OBD, and By Set
  • Tests Key Fob Signal Strength and Battery Status
  • Displays All Sensor Data
  • Relearns Coverage for 98.6% Of US, Euro, & Asian Vehicles



TP47 - TPMS Tool

SKU: TD5217000
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