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The Plugfones Sovereign Duo offers a truly wireless earplugs with audio experience for those looking for a minimal footprint with a large feature set. The completely wireless patented 3-tier foam plugs on the Sovereign are ANSI rated for hearing protection.


The Sovereign Duo includes 2 sets of plugs, one in our obsidian colorway and one in our lava colorway to allow distinction between each set. In doing this, you can utilize what we call Infinite Battery by always having the second pair charging, you never run out of battery with the Sovereign Duo.


The included charging case allows for 18 hours of charge which means with both sets of plugs and the case at full battery will allow you to not need to plug anything in for 30 hours of playtime. The factory tuned speakers offer an immersive sound experience delivered directly into the eardrum while dampening outside noise. No note is missed, every piece of the audio rings true with clear treble and deep bass.


To keep your plugs and charging case safe we have included 2 optional carrying cases, one is a zippered case that can easily organize all of your Sovereign Duo components and the other is a small pinch case for a quicker grab-and-go option. Keeping in mind our factory workers, the adaptive response control button on the plugs is a tactile button to make controlling volume and calls easily doable with gloves. Replaceable plugs are available in both silicone and foam which allows you to always have a fresh set ready in any situation.

The Sovereign Duo includes your Lava plugs, Obsidian plugs, zippered case, pinch case, charging hardcase, case charging cable, small/medium/large earbuds, the Patented ComforTiered Earplug, and your instruction guide.




Sovereign Duo

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