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The Phoenix DS sports a lower 8.5 inch retracted height allowing it to be utilized in more varied situations. The telescopic design provides 17" of lift height. The lower starting height makes the DS easier to slide under a vehicle with a flat tire. It also increases the amount of lift points on the vehicle, especially in uneven terrain. Most commonly a flat tire wont happen on perfectly flat and level ground, and most jacks cant accommodate this situation, but the DS was made for the rugged, uneven terrain. This is the same jack as the Phoenix DS Trail kit minus the Powershot and Pelican case.


Will not work with onboard air compressor. A minimum of 400 psi is required.


Lightweight and portable for easy storage. Simple and intuitive design for ease of use.

Jack cylinder is empty and has 0 pressure inside for shipping purposes.


Jack includes Case (, Regulator and 3x33 gram Co2 cartridges.




5.6 LBS Lightweight aluminum jack.
1'5" extended height.
Phoenix DS sports an 8.5 inch retracted height for more utility.
Easier slide in, optimal for flat tires and uneven terrain.
Increasing the amount of lift points on the vehicle.
Complete kit with everything you need.
Precision Stainless steel and black anodized construction.
2 Year Warranty.
Patent Pending Design.

Pro Eagle Phoenix DS Jack

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