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Cutting-edge OE-level diagnostic scanner.


The Phoenix Elite is TOPDON's newest cutting-edge OE-level diagnostic scanner. Its topology feature lets technicians have a clear picture of the automobile's systems and quickly find communication issues or identify trouble codes. This tool can perform active tests, cloud-based programming and coding, initializations, memory resets, ADAS calibrations, and much more. Offering unparalleled coverage and an updated VCI, the Phoenix Elite is a must-have device to work on the most modern cars. 


  • Broad Coverage and Comprehensive Database
  • Full-System Diagnostics Capabilities, Including: Engine, Transmission, Airbag, ABS, ESP, TPMS, Immobilizer, Gateway, Steering, Radio, and Air Conditioning systems
  • Performs 5 Main-Systems Diagnostic to Cover Basic Functions; Access ECU Information, Reads and Clears DTCs,  Displays Data Stream, and More
  • Supports Active Tests
  • Access the FCA Gateway
  • Supports ADAS Calibration and Battery Testing - Compatible with Phoenix ADAS Mobile and BT Mobile ProS
  • Get 28 of the Most Common Service Functions, Such as:  Oil/EBP/SAS/BMS Resets, ABS Bleeding, Injector Coding, Odometer Calibration and Much More
  • AutoVIN
  • Supports limited cloud-based Programming for Benz, BMW, and VW
  • Online Coding Available for Audi, BMW, and Porsche
  • Topology Mapping for an Easy View of All  Systems
  • Easy and Convenient One Tap Updates

Phoenix Elite

SKU: TD52110042
$1,799.00 Regular Price
$1,619.10Sale Price
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