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The Plugfones Mercenary Ear Muffs are the introductory over-the-ear product from Plugfones. The Mercenary comes equipped with a unique gel-pad cover that aids to reduce heat and help keep you cool during extended use.


These Ear Muffs feature a NRR rating of 24 which allows for confident ear protection in loud environments. Like our other Plugfones models, these are bluetooth equipped for media consumption or to take phone calls. Tactile buttons make adjusting settings easily done even while wearing gloves. The multifunction button allows you to switch between bluetooth, ambient listening mode, and enhanced ambient listening mode for complete control in any situation.


The AMP/De-AMP mode might be the most impressive feature on the Mercenary, if you are in a loud environment the de-AMP microphone will detect that ambient sound and lower the volume, if someone in that loud environment were to walk up and speak to you the AMP microphone will detect that and raise their vocal volume for you to hear them as if you weren’t wearing ear muffs at all.


The boom mic has been ergonomically placed for ideal sound capture allowing others to hear you clearly, if you don’t need the mic you are able to toggle it upwards to keep it out of the way.


Color- Black/Gray


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