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The introductory product to our Industrial Line, the Plugfones FreeReign is packed with features that you would expect from a Plugfones product with some enhanced and strengthened aspects for harsher environments and work settings.


Included with the FreeReign are 2 different types of plugs (4 sets total included), the first is a comfortable silicone plug rated at a 27 NRR (noise reduction rating) and the second is our patented foam 3-tier plug that leads the industry with a 29 NRR (noise reduction rating). It features our Never Out™ battery which provides 12 hours of listening on a single charge.


It is also equipped with Fast Charge which allows you 2 hours of additional listening on just 10 minutes of charge. The attached cable clip keeps the cord secured and out of the way. Bluetooth control is equipped with song ahead, song back, volume up, volume down, answer, hang up, and decline a call.


The IsoTalk™ noise isolating mic dampens ambient noise in busy environments while enhancing vocal audio to make calls clear and concise. The cable collar is a comfortable addition that helps to keep the FreeReign in place without any movement but can be removed entirely should you choose that. For organization, a durable carbon fiber case is included.


Exclusive in our industrial line is the Tough Cord feature which is a braided exterior sheath on the outside of your cable to help protect the wiring from damage in tougher environments. In addition, the copper soldering points have been reinforced for durability.




Free Reign

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