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ErgoKneel Handy Mats save knees. These one-inch thick mats make it comfortable to kneel on cold hard steel, concrete, grating, gravel, and more. ErgoKneel Handy Mats are ideal for tire stores, utility workers, petroleum production facilities, telecommunication workers, manufacturers, and even for home use.

Designed for severe kneeling conditions, using the ErgoKneel Handy Mat will reduce knee trauma and low back stress by providing a pain-free way to kneel, which increases productivity. Offering ErgoKneel mats shows that you care about your workers.


  • Made of 1” thick, heavy-duty closed-cell foam rubber
  • Will not compression set
  • Will not absorb liquids
  • Impervious to petroleum products
  • Self extinguishing
  • Silicone-free
  • Built-in handle so its easy to carry and hangs to store

Ergokneel Body Mat

SKU: 5080
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