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The XP12000HX is the BEAST of the HX Series with 12,000 watts of POWER. This unit provides the power normally found in stationary home standby generators but in a more affordable, portable package! With a 460cc OHV DuroMax Engine, this workhorse is PERFECT for HOME BACKUP and can power most household essentials such as lights, appliances, and even central A/C systems during any power outage, storm, or emergency event.



Power Your Entire Home

With 12,000 watts of power, the XP12000HX Dual Fuel generator will keep your whole home running during a storm or power outage, while protecting your family from harmful fumes with CO Alert.





What Is Dual Fuel?


DuroMax is the industry leader in Dual Fuel portable generator technology, with a full assortment ranging from inverters to generators that can power your entire home.

During a storm or emergency, there
s no time for guesswork – you need to be able to fire up your generator at a moments notice and fuel up with whatever is readily available. Dual Fuel Technology allows your generator to run on either gasoline or propane, offering the freedom and flexibility of fuel choice.

There are several benefits to each fuel option. Gasoline is a tried-and-true source of fuel and provides 5% more power than propane. Depending on where you live and the current circumstances, it could be more easily available than propane.

Here are the benefits of fueling up with propane over traditional gasoline:

  • MORE FUEL EFFICIENT AND COST EFFECTIVE: Propane costs less upfront, burns longer, lasts longer, and will save you money in the long run.
  • LONGER SHELF LIFE: Unlike gasoline, propane is more stable and wont degrade over time. While gasoline can only be stored for a few months at a time, propane can last for up to 30 years. Because propanes longevity, you wont need to add expensive stabilizers to keep it from going bad.
  • READILY AVAILABLE: If youre using gasoline to fuel your generator, youll most likely refill your tanks at a gas station. This becomes a problem during a power outage, when theres no electricity at the station to use the pump. Fortunately, propane is available in home centers, supermarkets, outdoor stores, BBQ stores… and gas stations. (Make sure to bring cash.)
  • CLEAN-BURNING FUEL: Fumes and pollutants emitted by generators can pose a risk to the environment and your health. Propane is considered cleaner-burning fuel, since it produces half the amount of carbon monoxide as gasoline.
  • LESS MAINTENANCE: Gasoline leaves carbon deposits in your engine and exhaust, which means youll need to clean them more often. Gasoline also leaves residue in fuel lines and other system parts — which adds to the maintenance. Propane is a clean-burning fuel, so it does not have these problems.
  • NO SPILLS: Gasoline needs to be poured from a container into the tank, which can lead to overflow, spills, and contamination of the surrounding area. Propane tanks simply need to be connected to the inlet. There is no danger of spilled fuel or overflow with propane. This means that propane tanks are safer for you and the environment.
  • WORKS WELL DURING THE WINTER: Gasoline becomes more viscous in the cold, which makes your generator harder to start during the winter months. Propane tanks stored indoors or in a temperate area wont have temperature-related issues, so its perfect for those who live in places with very cold winters.


XP12000HX Specifications



Peak Wattage


Running Wattage


Running Amperage at 120V


Running Amperage at 240V


Runtime at 25% Load


Runtime at 50% Load




Peak Wattage


Running Wattage


Running Amperage at 120V


Running Amperage at 240V


Runtime at 25% Load


Runtime at 50% Load



12,000 Watt Dual Fuel Portable HX Generator w/ CO Alert DuroMax XP12000HX

SKU: XP12000HX
  • Generator Specifications                                                                                                           


    DuroMax Power Equipment

    Part #



    120/240 Volts


    60 Hertz

    GFCI Outlets


    Propane Hose & Regulator


    Winding Material

    100% Copper Windings

    Automatic Voltage Regulator


    Battery Type

    12V SLA

    Battery Included


    RV Ready


    Home Backup Ready


    Fuel Tank Capacity Gasoline

    8.3 Gallons

    Fuel Gauge


    All Metal Construction


    Product Dimensions

    29"-Long x 30"-Wide x 26"-High

    Product Dry Weight


    Product Weight


    Volume (db)

    74 dB




    5 Year

    Wheel & Handle Kit


    Wheel Type

    Metal Hub

    Wheel Diameter


    What's in the Box?

    XP12000HX Generator, Oil Funnel, Spark Plug Wrench, Tool Set, Wheel & Handle Kit, Propane Regulator, and Owner's Manual

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